Ian A (Steve) McQueen. 

    Wednesday 4th April 2001, sixteen members attended a farewell ceremony for our shipmate Steve McQueen. 
President China delivered a stirring eulogy and Rear Admiral Kennedy presented a white ensign to his mother. 

    Steve was living in Cairns, North Queensland and had come to Perth on the advice of his legal team to consult with 
our President, Chairman and Advocate China Hammal. Steve had contracted mesothelioma, asbestos in the lungs
 and knew he was not to be with us for the long haul. 

    Fortunately his mother and two brothers lived in W.A. so he was able to re-unite with them in his time of need. Unfortunately, he passed away the day before his appointment with China. 

    For those who didn’t know Steve he was a kellick stoker (Diesel), R62147. A direct entry recruit who joined 6th May 
1963 and did his basic stoker training at Cerberus, Steve served in a number of ships - Gascoyne, Sydney, Moresby, Melbourne, Archer, Buccaneer and Stalwart. At one of those postings he was infected with the dreaded asbestos we
 all fear and it took his life much too soon.

Vale Steve McQueen shipmate of many. May you find that golden wheel spanner wherever you are.

                                                                     LEST WE FORGET                                                                     

     My mother, brother and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and the members, and their wives, who 
attended my brother Ian’s funeral, for their kind thoughts and support on the day, and also for the help and advice 
during this difficult time. Again “Thank you very much”. Yours faithfully Malcolm McQueen.

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