Robert Wayne (Bob) Terry. Able Seaman (SAV), R94742. RAN. 1965 - l972 passed away after along illness. His remains were conducted to Karrakatta Crematorium where a very large number of people gathered to pay their last respects.

Bob had served a number of years with the Ministry of Justice as a prison officer and this fraternity presented in great numbers. Officers dressed appropriately for the occasion, formed a guard of honour and took an active role in the ceremony.

Eric Gooch, an Association member and close friend of Bob delivered the main eulogy and related a number of incidents they had shared. They met on one of their postings as young OD’s “from the West” and shared many things in common. During one of their leave periods, they spent time in the northern coastal town of Dongara where they had access to a boat. Being full-blown sailors of at least a few months, they could show the locals (especially the local talent) how they were men of the world and could handle this boat caper.

Out to sea they went but there was nobody out there to impress so they soon returned to the shore, running the boat up on the beach. Of course a few tinnies and a bit of “promenading” didn’t go astray just in case the local talent were looking, until someone noticed the boat. By this time it had slipped the beach and headed out to sea.

The young “experienced sailors and men of the world” soon commandeered another craft and eventually made the recovery. Returning to shore this time was enhanced by the now crimson color of their faces. The local talent was not impressed! 

Bob Terry was among the commissioning crew for HMAS BRISBANE but he never really enjoyed life at sea. The daily chore of humping stores up from the fridge flat and copping abuse from all in sundry did nothing for his sense of humour. This sailor caper was not all that good so he decided to call it quits in 1972 having served seven years.

On completion of Goochies eulogy. Rear Admiral Phillip Kennedy AO, RAN (Rtd), who was Executive Officer in HMAS BRISBANE when she commissioned and knew Bob well, presented Bobs widow with a folded Navy Ensign embroidered with the Association logo, his name, rank, service number and date of burial.

On completion of the service, family and friends were invited to repair to the family home for the wake.

You may not have liked the life at sea Bob but we liked the cut of your jib. The victuals are up now and it’s time for you to stand easy. Farewell old shipmate.


Ron Rowe  R2  


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