In 2017 Navy is planning to hold commemorative activities for the 75th anniversaries of the loss of HMA Ships Vampire, Nestor, Kuttabul and Armidale 

I would like to find survivors and families so that we can invite them to attend. Some weeks ago I spoke to Eric or Ken and the information provided was very helpful in tracking down Jim Black of Vampire I. Now I am attempting to cast a wider net. 

So far I have arranged a webpage and placed notices in Navy social media and in Navy news. The next step is to reach out to any Ex-Service Associations which might be able to help. 

Is it possible to place a notice in your association's newsletter? I have attached a copy of the webpage of which might be suitable to use in your newsletter. Alternatively, if you do not publish a newsletter, perhaps you could notify your members of our webpage via your membership email list. The web address is:

Kind Regards, 

Mark Shelvey

Lieutenant Commander Mark Shelvey, RAN
Manager Navy Events and Planning

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