25 Feb 2019 10:27 AM AEST - Chester Media Statement - ANZAC DAY VILLERS-BRETONNEUX, FRANCE





25 February 2019




When it comes to sensitive matters like this which are at the heart of our entire nation, it is vital that the Department of Veteransí Affairs (DVA) conducts full consultations with ex-service organisations and the general public before they make any changes. Thatís what the public expect, itís what the Prime Minister and the government expect.


The Minister for Veteransí Affairs has instructed DVA to conduct a Dawn Service at the Australian National Memorial near Villers-Bretonneux, France on Anzac Day 2019.

The decision to revert to the Dawn Service follows feedback from ex-service organisations and the general public in Australia.

There will be comprehensive consultation with local authorities and tour operators in France, as well as with the ex-service community in Australia, before any further changes are considered.





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