However people here in WA though diagnosed With either pleural plaque, or the next level, asbestosis, have for reasons unknown, been advised in some instances that they have no entitlement to make a successful claim against the navy (the government) or previous employers. Very few claims have been brought to a positive conclusion in WA.  

Regardless of this situation, the Australian Navy in Vietnam Veterans' Welfare Association WA (Inc), have referred several of our clients to a law firm in Brisbane Qld, who have run very successful cases for these members, and who have received significant compensation payouts, in excess of $100,000 after all costs have been paid in some cases.  

Many people have been nervous about seeking compensation due to the fear of the effect it might have on their pension. In some cases though, whilst the Department of Veterans' Affairs recognise and accept pleural plaques as being due to asbestos exposure, you may not be getting paid a pension for that disease. Therefore you cannot lose money for a condition that the government is not paying you for. In the case where part of your pension has been granted due to pleural plaque/asbestosis, you could possibly lose a portion of that fortnightly pension.  

Bear in mind that in the event of your death, your pension ceases, and there is no further benefit for your family. Whereas if you had a successful claim, you could have a significant lump sum payment in your bank account, or invested. Once you get the compensation payment what you choose to do with it is your business, but at least it is there for your family as well as for you.  

Therefore if you have been diagnosed with pleural plaque or asbestosis, or believe you were exposed to asbestos during your military or merchant navy career, we feel that it is absolutely worth your while to contact us and explore this option, rather than ignore a potentially valuable entitlement.  

Our office hours are 1000 - 1400 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

Consultations are by appointment only, and there is no charge for our service.  

We are located downstairs in the Medical Centre at Leeuwin Barracks, Riverside road, East Fremantle WA.  

Our office phone number is 08 9311 2719, and is connected to a message bank. If you leave us a message one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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To have a test for asbestos related diseases:

1..  Ring the Defence Call Centre  1800  000  655  --  and obtain a reference number from them.  (Maybe hard to get onto)

2..  Ring Health Services Australia  (Perth)  --  (08)  93246444   and quote the above reference number. 

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